Our Name

A prairie ghost hunter once said “It was there one moment, and then it was gone.”

A phantom is something elusive or visionary.  Our goal at the distillery is to eliminate the harsh flavour and lingering after taste, leaving nothing behind.  “The smooth taste was there one moment, and then it was gone.” 

We often get asked, where does our name come from?

When talking about the origins of our name the stories we tell always return to the St. Louis Ghost Light. Aka The Phantom Light. This light is mysteriously seen on the abandoned train tracks outside of St. Louis Saskatchewan, 30 minutes south of Phantom Light Distillery.

The old train tracks were a favorite spot for thousands of thrill seekers, partiers, and ghost hunters over the years. There are countless stories about the phantom light. Oh! if the phantom could talk. The Ghost Light has been a part of St. Louis for as long as anyone can remember. When the rail line was abandoned and the tracks removed years ago, some thought the phenomenon would end. It didn’t. Locals say on a dark moonless night the mysterious Phantom Light can still be seen coming down the tracks.

And much like the Phantom Light that disappears into the night, the essence of Phantom Light Vodka soon disappears off of the pallet leaving only a desire for another taste.

Phantom Light Distillery Vodka