Research and Development

Since we at Phantom Light have never shied away from competition, finding our place in the market was really a lot of fun. One of our biggest lessons we learned was that not all vodkas are created equal; actually, far from it. Our research started with finding out who was considered the best in the province, the best in the country, and the best in the world. Once our blind tastes tests confirmed that our vodka was consistently chosen over some of the best in the world, we then knew it was time to go to market.

Studies show that fewer impurities in Alcohol lead to less of the hang over effect…
Just Sayin’!
“The few experimental studies indicate that the highest congener beverage (bourbon) results in more severe hangover ratings than does the beverage with essentially no congeners (vodka)” 1

1 – The role of beverage congeners in hangover and other residual effects of alcohol intoxication: a review –

Our vodka is distilled and filtered with the greatest precision to eliminate the highest amount of impurities.


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